Move to London Vlog + Updates

Hello friends, it has been a while. I know my hope was to update you along the way but the logistics of moving aren’t all that interesting, who knew! Now on to our 11th day here in London I figured I would share where things stand with everything and what I’ve learned along the way. Also for your viewing pleasure, my first ever YouTube video/vlog (not freaking out or vulnerable at all).

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Hi friends! Very excited to announce that Brendan and I will be taking a leap across the pond they call the Atlantic and moving to London, United Kingdom! Now this may come as a surprise to those who know how much I love Toronto (I know, I can’t believe I am leaving either to be completely honest). However, I look forward to starting this new chapter in my our lives.

To follow us along the way, follow this blog + my new YouTube channel (be a doll and go subscribe so you know when my first video is up). You’ll see our move, our adjustment and hopefully some travels across Europe in the next couples of months.

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