Hi friends! Very excited to announce that Brendan and I will be taking a leap across the pond they call the Atlantic and moving to London, United Kingdom! Now this may come as a surprise to those who know how much I love Toronto (I know, I can’t believe I am leaving either to be completely honest). However, I look forward to starting this new chapter in my our lives.

To follow us along the way, follow this blog + my new YouTube channel (be a doll and go subscribe so you know when my first video is up). You’ll see our move, our adjustment and hopefully some travels across Europe in the next couples of months.

I can get started by answering a few questions so you can better understand where this is all coming from. Going to start out with the basic W’s and you’ll find out the rest along the journey (as will I).

Why, the UK you may ask? Well, a few reasons. First, Brendan and I can both legally work there without applying for visas, as we both have European passports. We hope that this will not be affected when the UK eventually leaves the European Union, but we’ll take it one step at a time and worry about it when the time comes. Second, work opportunities – Brendan is a teacher and full time, permanent work in Ontario is difficult to find as some of you already know. London has a wealth of opportunities for him and also for me, so it just makes sense. Last but not least, life is short and what is life, if not an adventure. Do the things you want to do, don’t sit on your butt hoping that someone is going to whisk you away – you do you and take the bull by the horns.  *insert cheesy inspirational image and quote here* JUST KIDDING – I would never subject you to that.

What are we going to do when we get there. That is a loaded question that I get asked often – to be honest, I don’t know. Scary, right?  I don’t know because I’ve stopped planning my entire life, I used to have timelines and life doesn’t care that you plan because it will do the exact opposite of what you want it to do. As for the basics, I am looking for a new job, we will stay in an Airbnb the first few nights while we decided between a few apartments (which I need to look for in the meantime) and hopefully stay sane during the process.

When *dun dun dunnnnn*, well we’re hoping to leave the middle of November but we have loads to do, for examples sell my car (joy). We’re also waiting for my European passport to come in order to book flights, so it really depends, regardless I will chronicle the experience moving forward on this blog + on my YouTube.

And finally, the most up in the air right now, where. We have some ideas of where we want to live in London, of course, this depends greatly on budget. Luckily coming from this crazy Toronto market, the prices are not shocking or discouraging. We are thinking North London (Hackney, Hammersmith, Hamstead etc) and South London (Brixton), although all of London right now is in consideration. It helps that Brendan lived there for two years (oops, forgot to mention earlier) so he knows the lay of the land, the do’s and don’ts, if you will.  Our first place will likely be a semi-permanent location, for the first 6 months to a year of our time in London. Once we decide on a neighbourhood, with more exploration, we can decide on a more permanent home.

We’re excited to start this journey…NOW.

P.S. Friends, we’re open to London neighbourhood suggestions – shoot below.

– SA


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